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We’ll regularly clean, drain, refill, and maintain balanced chemistry in your hot tub, and ensure you can enjoy it in the way you intended.

All you do, is sit back and relax.

Aquaphoria Spas Understands your Hot Tub Needs!

At Aquaphoria Spas, we understand one VERY important thing. 

You bought your hot tub to relax and enjoy.

Whether your hot tub is for therapy, relaxation, or hanging out with friends & family. Maybe you enjoy reading a good book, or even a glass or two of your favorite wine. But, you definitely  didn’t buy your hot tub intending to add another chore to your list, or to have more work to do.

Unfortunately, that IS how it ends up for MANY hot tub owners. They end up frustrated and confused, with a less than perfect experience.

Before our customers found us, without the knowledge and experience of hot tub maintenance, they’d only sometimes get it right, and have a great time.

Other times they’d experience cloudy water, foaming, excessive scum, having to drain and refill WAY too often, and many other frustrating issues. 

This made many of them not want to use their hot-tub at times because It felt like either it wouldn’t be as good as they hoped, or it would add yet another chore to do, to their ALREADY busy lives.

You didn’t buy your hot tub, to go through that!

You imagined relaxing in the amazing hot. soothing, bubbling water. That’s EXACTLY how your hot tub SHOULD be!

As a hot tub owner, all you want to do is enjoy your hot tub without all the hard work and maintenance.

That’s exactly where WE come in!



We service and maintain the following hot-tub brands:

San Diego’s ONLY Specialized Hot Tub Cleaning & Maintenance Service!

At Aquaphoria, we are specialized in only hot tub maintenance. We don’t clean and maintain swimming pools, or anything else. 

Unlike using a regular pool guy to maintain your hot tub, our hot tub maintenance service is performed by highly experienced, friendly, qualified technicians specialized in maintaining all leading hot tub brands.

We grew this business from the ground up by being focused on producing the absolute best customer hot-tub experience.

Aquaphoria Spas has grown to become the absolute finest, and best hot tub maintenance company available in San Diego.

It all started with having  the right approach…

First, we talk with you about the ways in which you use your hot tub, and get it up and running perfectly for you.

Then, we put together a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule that best fits your needs, based on that use.

We also show you the best ways to use your hot tub.

Quick, simple, and easy things you can do each time you use your hot tub, based on your use, in just a few minutes each time.

Even in between our maintenance visits, it will run beautifully, look good, and feel great.

Our partnership will ensure your hot tub will last longer, require fewer repairs, and be as perfect, enjoyable and relaxing, as it could ever possibly be.

Our Services

Empty & Refill

We regularly drain and refill your hot tub, when necessary, to ensure the water remains fresh.

Chemical Balancing

We monitor and maintain the chemical balance in your hot tub, keeping water clean and clear.

Hot Tub Repairs

If your hot tub needs a repair or service, we have a network of recommended repair technicians


We’ll discuss your hot tub service needs, & come up with the right solutions for YOU.

We Service these San Diego Areas:
We Service these San Diego Areas:
  • San Diego
  • La Mesa
  • Kearny Mesa
  • Tierrasanta
  • Mission Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • Chula Vista
  • University City
  • Bonita
  • Mira Mesa
  • La Jolla
  • Scripps Ranch
  • Solana Beach


Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your experience to be a great one!

Our friendly, warm, inviting staff, enable you to enjoy your hot-tub like never before.

One-Stop Shop

We clean, drain, and refill your spa, and maintain chemical balance.

We also have a network of repair technicians for any repairs you may need.

Free Consultation

Call us today for a free consultation.

We’ll discuss all your needs, and pricing, and can schedule your first hot-tub cleaning.

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