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Aquaphoria Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance Service

Aquaphoria Hot Tub and Spa Services is the only dedicated, specialized hot tub maintenance service in San Diego County.

Our expert technicians have the knowledge, experience, and any equipment necessary to address any hot tub issues. No matter how complicated, we can help you.

From thorough cleaning and water treatment to equipment inspection and repair, our professional hot tub maintenance services ensure that your spa remains in excellent condition.

All our service practices adhere to professional industry standards.

Our professionalism, friendly service, and attention to detail are just a few of the reasons we are recommended by many hot tub supply stores in San Diego County.


We’ll discuss your hot tub service needs, & come up with the right solutions for YOU.

Regular Hot Tub Cleaning Schedule

We’ll set up a cleaning schedule based on your needs and hot tub use. We routinely clean and maintain your hot tub for you.

Our cleaning includes skimming the water to remove all dirt and debris. We test and balancing water chemistry, and clean your hot tub filters. And, routinely drain and refill the hot tub, when needed.

We also clean the shell, waterline, headrests, and jets to remove scum and bacteria from your hot tub, making sure it’s clean and sanitary.

Hot Tub Water Chemistry Testing and Balancing

While we’re at your home during our regular maintenance visit, we’ll routinely test the ph balance and chemicals in the water, and adjust where necessary. 

We’ll also show you the best practices for using your hot tub, and maintaining your water chemistry as you’re using it, so your hot tub experience is enjoyable, every time.

Maintaining  water chemistry balancing extends the life of your hot tub, and is best for the health of everyone using the spa.

Filter Cleaning & Replacement

We will rinse off your hot tub filters, and clean off any debris, bacteria and dirt.

When it comes time to replace your hot tub filter, we’ll let you know it’s time to do the job.

We always carry replacement hot tub filters. So, we’ll remind you that the hot tub filter needs to be replaced, and (if you’re okay with it) replace the hot tub filter while we’re there for your added convenience, with a brand new one.

We’ll just add the additional cost of the new filter to your regular monthly bill.


Hot Tub Drain and Refill

We drain and refill your hot tub water on a schedule.

This removes contaminants, and keeps the hot tub water completely refreshed, clean, and clear.


Hot Tub Exterior Cleaning

We’ll clean the exterior of your hot tub, including the cover.

Inspection: We’ll inspect your hot tub for any potential problems and make recommendations for repairs or maintenance.


Hot Tub Repairs

In our network, we have highly experience hot tub repair technicians capable of repairing any brand of hot tub.

If your hot tub is in need of repais, we can recommend a technician to take care of all your repair needs, at great prices!


We’ll discuss your hot tub service needs, & come up with the right solutions for YOU.

Hot Tub Drain & Refill

We have different plans to meet our client’s needs, when it comes to draining asnd refilling their hot tub. Here are a few examples of drain and refill services we provide currently.

Whatever your needs, we can help!

Service Plan Drain & Refill

For our clients that have a regular cleaning and service schedule, we drain and refil their hot tub every 3 months on a planned, regular schedule.

This renews and refreshes the hot tub water, making it as safe and free of bacteria as possible

Drain & Refill Plan

Some of our clients are great at maintaining, cleaning, and balancing water chemistry in their hot tub.

They have us come out on a schedule to drain, refill, and reset their water chemistry, once every 3 months.

One-Time Drain & Refill

Often people have just moved into a house with a hot-tub, that looks a little less than desirable.

Or maybe you just haven’t usded your hot tub in a while, it really just needs a good drain, clean and refill. No problem!


We’ll discuss your hot tub service needs, & come up with the right solutions for YOU.

San Diego Areas We Service

  • Clairemont
  • Kearny Mesa
  • Ocean Beach
  • Torrey Pines
  • Scripps Ranch
  • Tierrasanta
  • University City
  • Mission Beach
  • Mira Mesa
  • Pacific Beach
  • Bonita
  • La Mesa